A great fall...

"Fell off Temple & broke 3 ribs, etc...!!!!"

June 30 at 2:46am via Facebook for iPhone

It was pretty muddy out, so I had on my mud slickers & was just walkin' bareback on Temple at twilight when she decided to hop into a gallop, & I slid right off!!!! Man! What a landing! And quite a wake up call! :^(
'Spent 1 week in ICU with 4 broken ribs and a collapsed lung and another week in the hospital taking breathing treatments and letting those ribs mend. Then John and Karen, my brother and sis-in-law, took me home to see my dogs and cat and get my stuff to stay with them in Tulsa for a few more days of recovery.
I came home Sunday, July 11th, and now I'm back to work as of Monday, July 19, and so thankful to be here.
I'm disappointed to have to give up my horse, but "to everything there is a time and a season..." A lot of people were praying for me, and I thank God for each of you and for His plan for our days.