Supply a Burmese Village Clinic

Report from the Field
On May 9, 2008, GreaterGood.org wired $27,000 to Foundation for the People of Burma (FPB) to support relief efforts. FPB is working in the outskirts of Rangoon, supplying rice & beans, clean water and portable toilets for the makeshift camps that have begun to spring up in the area. They also have rented a boat to make a dangerous 12-hour trip from Rangoon to assist the most inaccessible victims of the storm. The boat is carrying volunteers, food, construction materials, water, and sanitation kits.

On May 8, Burmese FPB employees traveled 3 hours southwest of Rangoon to an Irrawaddy Delta community of 400 destroyed households. "We found families attempting to live in the rubble of their homes. Today we were able to provide rice, beans, oral rehydration solution, and chlorine tablets, but they badly need buckets and construction materials before the coming rainy season."

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